Thursday, April 25, 2013

Such a small small world..

"A" and "B" were classmates in college X in city H, but never talked or got in touch. A was good friends with C who was good friends with B who got A and B into contact. A was good at B's mother tongue in a place where it was seldom spoken, so A and B had great time speaking in B's mother tongue and had great many conversations.
After a while, A and B got busier with their own lives and din't stay in touch.

After 2 years...

A shifted to city W, joined another college Y, made new friends.
A became friends with D and E who were classmates even before joining Y. D and E were classmates of F before joining Y. D and E tell F everything about A and no F has never met A but has just seen A's pics on FB. Needless to say, D, E and F are girls.

So, F joins a course in H. And B (remember?) happens to have taken up the same course too. So, F and B become friends and get talking. F happens to mention that she hails from city W and that instantly rings a bell in B's mind and she enquires if she happens to know A. And bingo! F actually knows A, although not literally, but she knows A through her friends D and E.

Such a small small world!!

Needless to say, am "A"! :D

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