Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 so far..

Ah, things have been terribly busy.. 2013 has been a roller coaster ride so far.. Post graduation studies, exams, so much to do and so little time.. Endless movies, hanging out with friends, college life.. It’s all taking a toll.. Am so dead tired by the time I return home that I rarely get the time to write or even read..
which explains the dearth of posts this year.. There haven’t been many..
the very first post this year was on the topic, that my blog actually is made up of, relationships - a simple post, a conversation between a guy and a girl, a simple non-personal conversation leading to a tuffle between the two.. and how straight forwardness of the guy ends up hurting the girl.. side effects of love
Oh, it’s February already!!
Yeah, could manage only one post in january :(
The second and third posts have been on the subject creativity and these are compiled by one of my lecturers.. Convergent and Divergent thinking and Personal barriers to creativity.
Again, returning to my forte, relationships, the continuation of the most successful series on my blog :PThe “Love is cute” series.. a cute and romantic post, Love is cute – 4, about a young and mischevious couple and their cute cute antic talks. No love is complete without a little jealousy.
The last post for February, category relationships, Bitter Sweet conversations. Maintaining long distance relationships is no mean task. No, really. Especially with the girls. They make mountains out of moles, you know. Just an instance where it happens. A third person becomes the subject of conversation which leads to a small disheartening of the girl. But then, all’s well that end’s well!

So, that’s it for now.. january and February 2013!
Adios Amigos!

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