Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Upstream Color (The Movie) : My Thoughts..

Just watched Upstream Color (2013) written, directed and produced by Shane Carruth. It's the most shockingly disturbing science-fiction movie I've watched in a long time! Although not similar to Contagion, something on the same lines about a deadly virus that passes from humans to pigs to orchids.
A thief injects a drug into various people and robs them off their whole money. The victims remember nothing and are left to lead almost wretched lives with no money and an unhealthy body where the parasite keeps growing inside the victims.
Among the lot, two people are attracted to each other and they begin to stay together to support each other. Unknowingly they stumble upon some lines from the novel Walden by Henry David Thoreau and as they pursue it, they finally catch the culprit. 
Although the movie is only 96 minutes long, it's so chillingly slow that it becomes painful and disturbing to watch it. As the plot keeps unfolding, you begin to get disturbed more and more, yet you just don't want to switch off. You stay until the end to find out what is exactly happening on the screen and why is it happening.
It's a must watch but you got to be very patient and stay till the end to actually enjoy it. 
P.S : I thought of giving it up so many times and switching it off mid-way, but I sat through it. And I don't regret it a bit.

3 reviews on request so far!

Hello there! I've been away from here for a long time now, I know. Life has kept me busy. There is so much happening both online and offline that it is next to impossible to manage more than one blog at a time. Added to that the endless hours we all waste on all the social networks out there, makes it even more difficult.
Anyway, now that I have a little time and pretty much nothing better to do, am back to updating this blog.
So far, I have received 3 novels from 3 different authors who write novels in 3 different genres, requesting me to review. I was on cloud nine when I got a mail from an author who is settled in London! Just imagine!
First novel, Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai, written by Rishi Vohra who resides in Mumbai. It was his debut novel whose protagonist was an autistic kid who spends most of his time in railway stations and near tracks. Was a sweet love story and I totally enjoyed reviewing it.
I was next contacted by Sangeeta Bhargava from London requesting to review her third novel, After The Storm. I was totally overwhelmed and couldn't believe it. I mean, it wasn't like my blog was so famous or something. So to get that request from an author who is based in London was totally unbelievable.
The novel was wonderful, set in 1941 and later and a love story of an English teacher and an Indian student was very nicely set.
Although, it was Ms.Sangeeta who contacted me first, I received the novel Offside from Kiran Vijayan before I could receive After The Storm! Kiran contacted me after about a week but I received his novel first. It was a debut novel too and was based around football and puppy love. Was a sweet one.
So, these have been the 3 reviews on request so far. Waiting for other authors to send me their novels so that I can have fun reading them and then post a review on my blog! :P