Monday, December 10, 2012

my own website!

Hello all!
I am visibly and understandably very very very excited!
Finally managed to build my own website. Was tough, had to deal with stupid set-ups which were nothing less than greek and latin to me, but was fun, altogether.
Now, I have a basic website on my own name, i.e., and this begins a new journey with loads of new experiences and memories. :)

Do visit, do share, do ask your friends to do the same!
Thanks in advance! :)

Cheers! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

November 2012

Ah, the November 2012 has been a very productive one altogether.
Wrote 2 articles in the category of relationships, which has been my forte for a while now. Also wrote a movie review. And, here comes the surprise, ventured into 2 new categories. One is politics and the other, creativity. Of-course the topic of creativity is something that is not written by me. But, politics is. And it's fun actually to write on politics.
And to be frank, there are more readers for posts on politics than those in relationships.
Also, blog has been reaching new heights in the rankings of alexa and indiblogger. Have been showing up in the very first page of google searches too :D (I know, I know, am boasting. But, yeah, it's fun to boast every once in a while. More like a ego massage.)

November 3 - Don't know why people fall in love.. I am never falling in love...! - A discussion between 2 friends, a boy and a girl, one ridiculing the stupid things that people do when in love, and other talking about all the good things that happen in life when being in love.

November 17 - I will never ever forgive you...! - A painful, tragic and one-sided conversation of a forlorn lover, talking to his love, who has left him behind and went far far away.

November 21 - The so called free-speech - Ah, so a politician passes away and his followers cause havoc and mayhem and the first post in the category of relationships takes it's birth on my blog.

November 26 - Life of pi - movie review - Ang Lee's beautiful adaptation and handling of intense scenes, beautiful cinematic pleasure and awesome lush creative-visuals, and much more was the movie Life of Pi. A must-watch! :)

November 28 - 32 traits of creative people - the first post in the category of creativity, work compiled and done by one of my lecturers. more information on it's way once or twice a week.

November 29 - An open letter to Prime Minister - An initiative by The viewspaper saw me writing to PM of India and giving certain advises and suggestions in the field of development of India.

So, there ends a beautiful and fruitful month. And begins a new one. Hopefully will come up with posts worth reading and as often as I would love to write and read. :)


Saturday, December 1, 2012


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So, what are you waiting for? Go, now! :)