Saturday, October 27, 2012

october 2012 - 5 posts.

It has been a good month for writing so far. have written 3 reviews. 2 movie reviews and one novel review.
also have written one personal post and one post pertaining to relationships.

The 5 posts are:

First, a personal post, where I was answering certain questions regarding blogging such as when, why and how did I start blogging and all. Titled as Interview..

Second, a review of the novel, "Angel Of The Dark" penned by Tilly Bagshawe on the lines of Sidney Sheldon. A gripping tale of murders and investigations and unexpected twists.

Third was the review of a movie. The movie named Bothers which was Telugu adaptation of the Tamil movie Maattraan, starring Surya and Kajal Aggarwal.

Fourth was the post in the category that my blog symbolises, relationships. A fictional post of the history of a woman and why she wasn't an extrovert and why she hated men! Tentatively titled I hate you...!

Fifth was again a movie review. My take of the movie, Student Of The Year starring 3 new comers and directed by Karan Johar.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2000 pageviews.

Hello world!
Last I updated this blog on 2nd october on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti and today on 16th october I write again to announce that my wordpress blog, musings of jigar, has just crossed 2000 pageviews!
I would like to remind that on 24th sept I wrote a post to announce that my other blog had reached 1000 pageviews (it took me nearly 2 months for that) and now, in about 22 days, I have got another 1000 pageviews!

Funnily, I've written only 3 posts in the month of October so far, of which 2 posts have been in the reviews category and another post in the personal category.

Okay, enough of my bragging now. Just go visit my blog on wordpress!
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Dear fellow, I respect your opinions and I even understand your hatred for the man. May be he had committed some sacrifices that weren't necessary, may be everything he did didn't turn out to be for the betterment of India and may be India would have been a different nation today if not for some of his principles, but you can't deny the fact that he was solely responsible for the independence that we enjoy today.
Whatever it is, I still respect Gandhiji for what he has done for India. Hats off! :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

september 2012

yo, here ends the month of september! whattay wonderful month it had been.
for the first time in my 2 years of blogging, i reached the double figures of posts in a single month. yeah, i posted 10 posts in the month of september alone.
not only that, for the first time, I wrote articles pertaining to all three categories that define my blog viz., relationships,  reviews,  grandma tales., in the same month. 2 reviews, 3 posts on relationships, a grandma tale and a satirical/humorous post and 3 personal/random/unusual musings.