Friday, August 2, 2013

The blog...!

Have been away for a while now, I know. Just been busy in the real world and also the reel world.
Just 3 posts last month, that is July 2013.
Was having my final exams and so couldn't blog much.

So, the first post was under the category of relationshipsas usual, titled! 
Yeah, as the title itself suggests, it was a melancholic post. And if you go through the posts of June 2013May 2013 and April 2013, you'd realize that there was so much melancholy on the blog. At least I felt so. And I wanted to break-away from it. The melancholy, that is. And I told myself that I won't be writing another melancholic post for a while at least.

Well, I did keep my word, as my next post, was not only not melancholic, but also cheerful and a bit sensuous, if I may use the word. Titled, The First Kiss, it was also the longest post I have written in my over 2 years of blogging. Over 2290 words.
It was also widely appreciated and was even selected as one of the best posts among the's WOW category, "...And I blushed!

The last post of the month was a review. A book review to be precise.
Review of Keigo Higashino's Salvation Of A Saint A perfect murder. No signs of violence. No clues. No mistake by the killer. A perfect crime. Pure logic wins over the case in the end.