Sunday, April 7, 2013

March 2013

Whattay month it has been!
Finished up my 1st Sem exams in February. Started March with a vacation. Went to Saputara, a hill station near Surat, Gujarat with 17 cousins altogether. Later, got myself busy with the management meet Cynosure 2013 organised by our college. And post that, got busy with organizing farewell for our seniors. All in a month’s time.
But, the main highlights of March 2013 would be 2 emails from 2 different authors.
One, from Sangeeta Bhargava from UK, London. The author of “Letters to my Baby” and “The World Beyond” had just published her 3rd novel, After The Storm. And she asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing the novel. Of course, I was and she immediately sent me a copy of her novel. :) Which I received on 31st of March, 2013.
Second email was from Kiran Vijayan whose first novel “Offside” had just released. He too asked me the same thing and I immediately agreed. He sent me the novel and although I received his email later, I received his mail first. Got his mail on 27th March, 2013. That’s why the review of his novel was up before that of ATS.
2 author signed copies in a month! Woohoo! Was and am still on cloud 9! :D
And March 2013 had also been a good month for blogging because I managed to write as many as 6 posts in the month!
The first post, on 3rd march, was Break up, another post in the category of relationships and thanks to my friend who asked me a wonderful question that got me thinking. “What would you think of a guy who just had a break up without any fight?” was the question. Also, asked the same question to a couple of my other friends and their views have been incorporated in the post too.
Second post, on march 14th, again was under the category of relationships. I will get over you,  which was more of a continuation or a reply to “I miss you, Hell I still love you…!” It’s not true love if it doesn’t hurt..!
Third post, on March 16th, was the first ever Free Giveaway on my blog. Giveaway of 10 BigFlix movie coupons. I still have a few. If you want, do ping me! The coupons are valid upto 30th April, 2013, so hurry!
Fourth post, on 21st March, was again under the category of relationships. This post was kinda cute in itself. Titled Love at first meet  it was about the conversation between a couple who had been made to meet each other by their families. Yeah, arranged marriage. Turned out pretty well.
Fifth post, on March 26th, was again under the category of relationships. Definitions of love by a besotted lover has so many definitions of love. Totally inspired from one of the conversations that I was having with a friend. She asked me about my opinion on love and what I actually thought about love. That conversation resulted in this post. :)
And the final post of the month, not under relationships this time, but a review!
The review of the novel Offside by Kiran Vijayan that was sent by the author himself!
That marks the end of March 2013! :)

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